favorite books for elementary level readers

cropped-cropped-img_0080.jpgthese books are some of our tried and true favorites – you know, the ones that get read over and over… Continue reading



Welcome to my blog! After homeschooling for 20 or so years, I have decided to write about it. My other interests, such as cooking and tutoring, will also show up. I enjoy books, cooking, the beach, organizing, and spending time with my family. Mostly, I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Hopefully these posts will inspire someone else to not only continue in their journey, but to thrive.



My name is Leslie D’Onofrio. I have teaching experience in the classroom, doing private tutoring, and home educating my own three children, who are now in college.

At the present time I am doing private tutoring in reading, writing, and math. This enables me to provide the skills needed for students to succeed, whether in the classroom or home educated.