books for boys

DSC00098Let me begin by saying I am a voracious reader; my three boys, not so much. Oh, they read everything I assigned them, but not as much for fun as I would have liked. They mainly enjoyed adventure and historical fiction. Now, they read nonfiction books about things they want to learn and a lot of college textbooks! These are some of their favorite books that I hope your boys will enjoy, too! Continue reading

children’s books that celebrate the church calendar

Our church has been centering its worship around celebrating the Christian calendar year. It is a transforming study in that we are learning to see the focus of all of life pointing to the pattern of grace in history and in our daily lives. We can begin to train our children by reading to them and pointing them to books that teach this pattern. Let’s show our children the order of life and the love of Christ. Enjoy these books that follow the church calendar.

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