summertime fun!!!

Joey baseball and 4th of July 027My last post was about educational ideas for summer, but then a friend linked to two articles about just having fun in the summer, and it got me thinking. I grew up in the same neighborhood where we live now. As children, we spent our summers riding bikes, playing kickball, swimming, and running back and forth between friends’ houses. It was the best! Continue reading


summer “schooling”

DSC01136-e1397577862881Summer is quickly on its way, and with it comes a much-needed rest from school! But, there is a sometimes-overlooked benefit that can be gained from this free time. A few hours a week working on basic reading, writing, and math skills could make all the difference in your child’s next school year. If you are willing to tackle this yourself, then head to the bookstore, or look online, and pick up some basic skills workbooks and flashcards. On the other hand, some children might profit from getting some help from an expert. Continue reading

homeschool convention time


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A highlight of myhomeschooling year was always the FPEA Convention in Orlando, Florida. It was a weekend of books and more books, friends old and new, a great hotel, and eating out. What’s not to love!! I almost always went with three or four friends and we made it a moms’ time away. We looked at what each person bought, stayed up late talking, ate together, shared teaching ideas, ate chocolate, talked, painted our nails, talked, and had a lot of fun. Sometimes we would go with our families, but most years it was just the “girls.”

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