summer “schooling”

DSC01136-e1397577862881Summer is quickly on its way, and with it comes a much-needed rest from school! But, there is a sometimes-overlooked benefit that can be gained from this free time. A few hours a week working on basic reading, writing, and math skills could make all the difference in your child’s next school year. If you are willing to tackle this yourself, then head to the bookstore, or look online, and pick up some basic skills workbooks and flashcards. On the other hand, some children might profit from getting some help from an expert.

10 signs your child would benefit from tutoring:

  1. Does your child lack confidence?

Overwhelmed by low grades; uses phrases like “too hard,” “boring,” “can’t do it.”

Benefit of tutoring: Provides much needed encouragement

  1. Does your child have low grades or test scores?

Low grades even though he/she works very hard; failing grades in school; test scores don’t match day-to-day classroom performance

Benefit of tutoring: Increases mastery of academic skills

  1. Does your child seem to have lost his/her motivation?

Unmotivated to do homework or study; makes excuses for not doing projects or finishing homework; doesn’t study for quizzes and tests

Benefit of tutoring: encouragement and a positive role model

  1. Does your child have possible learning difficulties?

Disruptive conduct at school; symptoms of learning disabilities or ADHD

Benefit of tutoring: instruction tailored to individual learning styles and needs

  1. Are their gaps in your child’s learning?

Basic math and reading skills not mastered; difficulty understanding challenging concepts; behind in skills that should have been mastered

Benefit of tutoring: covers holes in learning; progress at their own pace

  1. Is your child disorganized and can’t plan ahead?

Lost homework; messy notebook; doesn’t plan ahead for long-term projects and papers

Benefit of tutoring: develops disciplined work habits and study skills

  1. Is your child overwhelmed by homework?

Homework is harming your relationship; he or she shuts down or has a tantrum; homework stretches on and isn’t complete or correct

Benefit of tutoring: teaches wise use of time

  1. Does your child not want to go to school?

Many “illnesses;” tired in the morning; makes excuses to avoid going to school; refuses to get up; goes often to the school nurse

Benefit of tutoring: improves attitude towards learning

  1. Is your child afraid of taking tests?

Overanxious on test days; “sick” when it’s time for a test

Benefit of tutoring: develops confidence

  1. Does the situation seem to be beyond help?

You have tried many solutions, but nothing seems to help

Benefit of tutoring: Gives support to students and parents

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