summertime fun!!!

Joey baseball and 4th of July 027My last post was about educational ideas for summer, but then a friend linked to two articles about just having fun in the summer, and it got me thinking. I grew up in the same neighborhood where we live now. As children, we spent our summers riding bikes, playing kickball, swimming, and running back and forth between friends’ houses. It was the best! When my boys were young, we also tended to just take it easy in the summer. Sometimes I had great aspirations of schooling all year round, but HA that never happened! Usually reality hit and fun took over. Here are some ideas for those fun times. It would be awesome to put these on strips of paper and put them in a jar. Have someone (maybe who says they are bored) pull one out and “voila” -instant fun!

  • play board games
  • squirt with hoses
  • jump rope
  • blow bubbles
  • press flowers
  • write a real letter to a relative, friend or pen pal
  • draw, color, or paint
  • write stories
  • use binoculars or a magnifying glass
  • act out a play
  • play card games
  • collect rocks
  • play dress-up
  • do a jigsaw puzzle
  • listen to a story or book on tape
  • do crosswords, word searches, hidden pictures, or mazes
  • play store
  • prepare a “restaurant” meal with menus
  • learn magic tricks and put on a magic show
  • put on a puppet show
  • make bookmarks
  • teach yourself to play musical instrument (recorder, harmonica, guitar)
  • design your own game
  • make dessert
  • read a story to a younger child
  • make up a song
  • make a fort out of blankets and cushions
  • draw a comic strip
  • make a collage using pictures cut from old magazines
  • do a “random act of kindness” for a neighbor
  • make and fly paper airplanes
  • learn origami

What do you do that makes summer fun?


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