Computer games for skills practice

DSC00276Sometimes summer seems so scorching! Resting inside on a sweltering afternoon can be a nice break from the heat. Computer games can be a tempting way to relax. A little time on the computer can even keep those basic skills from getting rusty over the summer. Computers can have a place in learning, and they can especially be beneficial for practicing skills. Continue reading


Chronological reading list for high school


5b8bb4269824c7dc6fb4bb33ae20c731One of the great joys of teaching high school students is the wonderful literature you get to share with them. Teaching the lessons of books like BeowulfUp From Slavery, and To Kill a Mockingbird is such a thrill. Meshing the literature and history together makes it an even richer experience. It is so much fun to see kids who thought To Kill a Mockingbird would be soooo boring, end up truly enjoying it. Here is a list of some of the favorites of my students. Enjoy! Continue reading

Chronological American history readers for elementary and middle school

DSC00935During their years of elementary and middle school, my boys and I loved studying the history of America – new lands, wars, pioneers, etc. There is so much wonderful American literature to experience. Such fun books for kids in grades 1-8 to read! Here is a list of books my family and others have liked. They are in chronological order, and the number after the title is the grade level. Enjoy!



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