summer boredom bashers!

DSC00125LightenHello, summer! What a great time to go to the beach, get some organizing done, read that book that’s been on your nightstand, and relax. But soon… you might hear, “Mom, I’m bored.” Here are some entertaining ways to practice skills and have fun, too!


  • get together with friends and have a reading club
  • listen to audio books
  • read to a dog or other pet
  • set aside at least 20 minutes a day for everyone in the family to read silently
  • pick a great book to read aloud as a family
  • read the Bible together after dinner
  • have a poetry night where everyone reads or recites a favorite poem out loud
  • lie in a hammock and read
  • read to a younger sibling or neighbor
  • have a child make an audiobook for an elderly friend who has difficulty seeing



  • create a family newsletter
  • form a writing club
  • write a story, illustrate and make a cover, and make it into a book; read it to others
  • write letters to grandparents, even if they live in the same town
  • make up a story using a fairy tale as the basis, but put your own twist on it with new characters and a new setting
  • choose Bible verses to copy and illustrate
  • make and send postcards
  • write thank you notes to teachers, friends, store workers, mail carriers, trash collectors and deliver them with a candy bar or a bottle of water attached



  • cook from a recipe where measurements are used
  • play War
  • time each other using flashcards
  • take turns rolling dice and either add or multiply the totals; whoever gets to 100 first wins
  • see how many different amounts of money you can come up with that equal $1.00
  • figure out how old each person in the family is in days, then weeks, then months
  • count things –fruit, books, toes, peas, chips, etc.
  • create pictures using shapes: coloring, cutouts, glue and glitter

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