summer refreshment


Happy 7-11 Day! Today is the day when you can get a free Slurpee at 7-11.

A Slurpee (coke flavor is my favorite) is one of the most refreshing things around on a hot summer day. Academics need refreshing in the summer, too.

Seven skills in need of refreshing are math facts, spelling, and reading comprehension, grammar, handwriting, oral reading, and sentence structure.

11 ways to keep 7 skills refreshed over the summer:

  1. Take fun field trips, and talk about what you enjoyed.
  • Museums
  • Nature trails
  • Historic sights
  • Tours of factories
  • Nature centers
  • Aquarium
  • Zoo
  • Concerts
  1. Join a Summer Reading Program at the library or local bookstore.
  2. Read out loud as a family.
  3. Practice handwriting by writing letters to grandparents or people in nursing homes.
  4. Get some tutoring in areas where reinforcement is needed.
  5. Write stories, silly or not, true or imaginative.
  6. Play card games, such as “War,” to review math facts.
  7. Get a book of fun science experiments.
  8. Cook together, and have your child read the recipe and measure the ingredients.
  9. Get a spelling workbook and do a little each day.
  10. Play “Go Fish,” but have the pairs add up to ten instead of just matching.



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