Leslie&JoeATLucaHi there, I’m Leslie D’Onofrio,  a Christian wife and mom. I’m a graduate of the University of Florida – Go Gators!. My M.Ed. is in Special Education, and my B.A. is in Elementary Education. I have experience teaching in the classroom, tutoring privately and in small groups, and home educating our three sons.

I love choosing the best teaching method for each child, I love planning school activities, and I love designing curriculum. I knew when I was twelve that I wanted to be a teacher, and that I wanted to teach children who struggled learning to read. I think this was because I loved to read so much and wanted everyone to love it as much as I did (and do!).

After being a stay at home mom for twenty-two years, now I am tutoring students of all ages. For some reading is a challenge, and others love literature and writing as much as I do. I love them all and am so thankful for each of them.



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  1. Your blog is fascinating! I’m a Princeton student interested in learning more about homeschooling and interdisciplinary learning. I wanted to tell you about theHOBMOB.com, a platform I am developing to increase this type of interaction online that I feel might be useful for you or your students!

    Our mission is to spark meaningful discussions among people with similar passions. We want to transcend the superficial interactions that characterize social media and use technology to create longform, interdisciplinary conversations. theHOBMOB has 18 main interest pages, ranging from STEM to Music, and user-created sub interests. We have musicians sharing compositions, students discussing social justice movements, and kids talking about math puzzles, all in the same place.

    HOBMOB member Susanna Olson was homeschooled throughout high school and taught a Cultural Geography homeschool class last summer. She created a subinterest called “180 Days Around the World” under theHOBMOB Travel page for her class. On the page, her students shared research about a different country every week. In turn, travel enthusiasts from all over the world engaged with them, sharing experiences and asking questions. I was inspired by her story and thought that theHOBMOB could be a useful platform for other homeschooling families too.

    Best of luck on your journey, and I hope you find some use in the site 🙂


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