Computer games for skills practice

DSC00276Sometimes summer seems so scorching! Resting inside on a sweltering afternoon can be a nice break from the heat. Computer games can be a tempting way to relax. A little time on the computer can even keep those basic skills from getting rusty over the summer. Computers can have a place in learning, and they can especially be beneficial for practicing skills. Continue reading


summer boredom bashers!

DSC00125LightenHello, summer! What a great time to go to the beach, get some organizing done, read that book that’s been on your nightstand, and relax. But soon… you might hear, “Mom, I’m bored.” Here are some entertaining ways to practice skills and have fun, too! Continue reading

summer “schooling”

DSC01136-e1397577862881Summer is quickly on its way, and with it comes a much-needed rest from school! But, there is a sometimes-overlooked benefit that can be gained from this free time. A few hours a week working on basic reading, writing, and math skills could make all the difference in your child’s next school year. If you are willing to tackle this yourself, then head to the bookstore, or look online, and pick up some basic skills workbooks and flashcards. On the other hand, some children might profit from getting some help from an expert. Continue reading